4. Framework


This chapter illustrates the core concepts of the Future Land Use Map.  The Future Land Use Map sets forth the planned development pattern of the City and provides the geographic framework for the City’s land use policies. The Future Land Use Map incorporates the Vision and Big Ideas that have been developed and refined by the community in the creation of PlanOlathe.

The Purpose of the Future Land Use Map

The map is intended to serve as a general guide for future land use decisions. It is not a zoning map. Many of the boundaries on the map are generalized for illustrative purposes, and may vary when applied to specific parcels and developments. Because it is difficult to predict market and other conditions for multiple decades, it is anticipated that the actual development of the community may differ in some respects from the illustrative vision found in the Future Land Use Map. However, the core Framework Elements should be followed. 

The Future Land Use Map is used along with the Plan’s written policies to help guide future decision making. It is also used to develop geographically-based projections for the future growth of the City, which in turn will be used to plan for roads, transit, parks, utilities and community facilities.