Community Services & Facilities


Provide coordinated, high quality community services and facilities.

  • Uses infrastructure and resources efficiently.
  • Decreases infrastructure costs.
  • Provides each child the opportunity for high quality education.
  • Increases public security.
  • Encourages the retention of first-rate police and fire personnel.
  • Protects the natural environment.

The Community Services and Facilities section of PlanOlathe establishes policies linking growth to service standards and provisions found in this plan and the departmental master plans. With the information contained in the master plans and the Capital Improvements Program, the timing of private development and public expenditures can be more effectively coordinated. Planning for the adequate provision of public facilities is intended to promote planned, rational and affordable growth so that residents are ensured equal and adequate service provision.

Guiding Principles

In order to protect and use past investments in capital improvements, new development and redevelopment will be located in areas where adequate public services and facilities presently exist or are planned to be provided.

Growth will pay the fair share of associated costs for facilities and services and to mitigate negative impacts.

Promote the health and safety of the community.