Land Use & Community Character


Promote high quality community growth that will advance Olathe as a vibrant, progressive city, yet preserve positive qualities of a small town.

  • Minimizes sprawl by encouraging growth in serviceable areas, and promoting mixed uses, higher densities, and infill in developed areas
  • Preserves intact green space throughout the city.
  • Improves connectivity between neighborhoods and retail/service areas.
  • Defines the edges of the community.
  • Ensures adequate density for the efficient delivery of urban services and viable commercial areas.

Land use composition should contribute toward achieving the greater vision of the City while providing the opportunity for existing and future residents to live, work, and recreate. This mosaic of land uses should provide a broad range of housing options, integrate multi-modal transit opportunities, ensure vibrant commercial and employment environments and support high quality services for the citizens of Olathe.

Guiding Principles

Plan Olathe, the City's Comprehensive Plan, will be the guiding document within the Olathe Growth Area.

Collaborate with other jurisdictions to provide coordinated and sustainable development of the community and to resolve land use issues of mutual concern.

Promote adequate residential densities to support existing and future commercial centers.

Encourage mixed-use development, especially in the downtown area, to support commercial uses, promote walkability, and provide for a variety of housing options.

Develop commercial centers of an appropriate size and scale, and within the right locations, to ensure economic sustainability and shape community form.

Discourage “leap-frog” or sprawling land use patterns by encouraging growth in serviceable areas. Promote the infill of vacant parcels and reinvestment in buildable areas.

Encourage design standards that successfully enhance quality of life in a manner that is economically viable and sustainable for the City and the private sector.

Achieve a balanced mix of residential and non-residential development throughout Olathe.