Original Town


Original Town is recognized as the foundation of a well-balanced, thriving community.

  • Strengthens Downtown and Original Town as the symbolic heart of the community.
  • Minimizes sprawl by creatively reusing land in the center of the city, where public facilities and services exist.

Original Town is an area of diverse land uses, architecture, history and culture, and includes 6 distinct neighborhoods with Downtown at the heart. Each Original Town neighborhood contributes its own unique identity and qualities that together provide a foundation for the entire Olathe community.

The objective of the Downtown is to embrace the fullest possible range of human interactions, from the simple buying and selling of goods and services to providing people with the widest spectrum of cultural, educational and entertainment experiences.  Diversity means Downtown must include office, finance, civic, government, and entertainment functions in addition to retail shops, services and restaurants – served by a transportation system that incorporates multiple modes of travel. To promote pedestrian activity and vitality, the Downtown should be compact and walkable. Development intensity, land use, building height and urban design should establish Downtown as the focal point of the community.

Guiding Principles

Continue to support efforts to improve and expand the Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods by locating additional uses and amenities in this area, including entertainment, restaurants, transportation hubs, high density housing, and other compatible uses in a manner that is harmonious with the historic character of Downtown.

Promote policies and financial incentives that assist Downtown redevelopment efforts.

Encourage and implement innovative techniques designed to spur Original Town revitalization activities.