Parks, Trails, & Recreation


Provide a variety of high-quality parks, trails, and recreational facilities.

  • Enhances personal health.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Increases opportunities for social interaction.
  • Controls stormwater runoff and improves water quality.
  • Increases property values.
  • Stabilizes neighborhoods.
  • Aids economic revitalization.
  • Preserves stream and utility corridors and environmentally sensitive areas.

Parks, trails and recreation are essential elements to the community’s quality of life. A well-planned parks and recreation program enriches people’s lives and helps to attract new residents and businesses by positively impacting community character, real estate values and land development patterns. Trails provide connections to parks, schools, employment areas, and retail centers for recreational and non-motorized use. A system of parks and greenways also provides many environmental benefits that are essential to the health of the community.

Guiding Principles

Provide and maintain a diverse, high-quality, safe and affordable system of parks, trails and recreational facilities that provides for all ages and abilities.

Provide a system of interconnected trails that connects to neighborhoods, services and adjacent regional trails.